Crunch Time

Under pressure do you hold or do you fold?🃏 This phrase is often used in poker, but I constantly relate it to my life decisions. Pressure is all around us! It’s a constant in life, but how you handle your pressures is what makes the difference. 🔑 Speaking in poker terms, when managing pressure it’s a personal decision that boils down to either giving up when these stressors/challenges present themselves (folding), or taking the cards dealt and making something beautiful out of it (holding). Of course realistically speaking these options are not exhaustive, but in a sense they are.

One of the greatest pressures that I face is constant deadlines. Deadlines that come, go, and come again. These deadlines hold me accountable to making sure that I accomplish my tasks and that I’m progressing at a steady pace. Although there are times when I would like to fold, I think about the bigger picture and decide to hold and push through the pressures that deadlines present.

Personal Update

Crunch time was the perfect title for this week’s post as it’s extremely representative of my current phase in this Ph.D journey. Not only are deadlines approaching one after another and I’m feeling the pressure all around, but (God willing) in 10 months it’ll all be over. 🙌🏽

Not too long ago I attended a Bibles Plus Brunch event and the keynote speaker discussed being pregnant with purpose and related it to a human pregnancy and its 9-10 month duration. As I embrace this phase, I associate finalizing my Ph.D to birthing my purpose. 💡 Although the next 10 months will be filled with deadlines and intense pressure, I also recognize that this is my CRUNCH TIME, and I am determined to “hold” and make something beautiful out of this journey. 🔑

Lessons Learned

  1. Always remember why you started…what’s your why?
  2. Make self care a priority…you can’t pour from an empty cup, so take time to focus on your mental and physical health.
  3. Organize & prioritize…identify tasks that must be completed and arrange them by due dates and time requirements. Take one step/task at a time
  4. Determine your hours of operation…some work best early mornings, others work best at night. Determine which time frames work best for you and make your schedule around it.
  5. Always stick to your deadlines…hold yourself accountable and utilize both print and digital calendars.

The pressures of life are all around, and ultimately the choice to hold or fold is up to you. Writing this post has honestly been very therapeutic to me, as it’s encouraged me to “hold” while keeping in mind that pressure makes diamonds. 💎

Motivational Scripture

James 2: 17- “In the same way, faith by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead”




  1. Gina Mack
    June 19, 2019 / 7:06 pm

    I really enjoyed your post and you are absolutely correct in handling life’s situations. We must remain focused recognizing timelines.
    Thank you

    • rachaeldmack
      June 20, 2019 / 12:15 pm

      Hi Aunt Gina. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate your support!

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